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Motorbike Jacket


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  • Waterproof Motorcycle jackets are based on high-quality Corduroy 600D fabric, which makes them waterproof and durable enough to protect you from any mishap while riding the bike. Shoulders are equipped with Dobby mat fabric and soft micro fabric material is used in collar while collar edges are made with Neoprene fabric.
  • Our jackets are equipped with quilting lining which are completely removable, washable and tumbled to be dry. Quilting lining provides extra warmness during winter season.
  • Corduroy
  • Machine Wash
  • Fastening: Zipper
  • Motowizard 419
  • To provide long lasting performance, all the joints are bar tack sewed to prevent snapping. Not only Joints, zip corners are also bar tack sewed. We went a step ahead and used YKK based zips that last long-term.
  • jackets are designed while keeping in mind varied customer needs. Fastener strap is added to provide versatile adjustment both for waist and cuff.
  • All our Motorcycle jackets are designed to meet both the safety and fashion needs. OUR jackets are versatile enough to span multiple riding styles and biker’s choice. Our jackets are made of high-quality material and are four seasons capable.

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